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A Social Enterprise can really make a difference in a community - needing help with a project then help is at hand.

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Making a difference in your community is what it's about but do you need help to do this. Grow your enterprise

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Everyone should know what you are about, who you help and how. If they don't then you might need a bit of help with your marketing.

The growth of  the social enterprise sector has grown rapidly over the past 20 years in the North East of England. Being passionate about the sector, it plays a significant part of our social fabric providing crucial goods and services to the local community. If you are considering starting or already run a social enterprise you’ll no doubt encounter times when you need a little support with areas such as digital marketing, strategic planning or other areas that will help develop and grow your venture. Here’s how I can help.

Starting A Social Enterprise:

Setting up a social enterprise for the first time can be complex, particularly with regards to the legal structures, raising finance and governance. It is also important to understand the viability of your “idea” as many businesses fail due to lack of research. Enterprise Know Howe has expert knowledge and experience in coaching individuals to set up successful businesses in Gateshead, Newcastle, South Tyneside and across the North East.

Growing your social enterprise

Enterprise Know Howe can assist your social enterprise in tackling those growth issues, reviewing your strategic aims and building current or new markets. It’s sometimes difficult to step away and look at things with a different perspective. Making that initial call to get help is the first step to help you tackle issues that might have put off. It’s a priority that you make your business work so get someone to help you to identify, prioritise and talk through the steps you need to take next. I can help you evaluate and develop new innovative ways to build your enterprise for success. Key areas of enterprise support include marketing and promotion, digital marketing, business plans and raising investment, new product development and strategic planning. Support can also be provided in raising finance for the project/support if required (subject to availability and meeting funding criteria).

Here’s a few areas I can help you grow and develop your social enterprise if you are based in Gateshead, Newcastle, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Durham or Northumberland.


Whether you are starting or growing your social enterprise you may need to conduct some research perhaps for a funding bid or new project. Help is at hand, get in touch and find out how I can help.


A business plan is essential to plan forward for the future, setting out your goals and helps your organisation focus on the key milestones you need to achieve. Need help with this?

Legal Structures

Setting up a social enterprise can be complex, particularly with the many legal structures to choose from. It's important that you understand what legal structure will work best for you for now and the future.


Marketing can help you raise your profile, engage with your local community and beneficiaries and demonstrate that you're making a difference to stakeholders. Do you need help with this?

Digital Marketing

Is the world of digital marketing running away from you. Do you have a digital marketing plan in place that will drive users to your website and engage with your services?


In times of austerity you need to cut your cloth accordingly, leading you to think and work differently. The result may be an innovation you may have developed in your enterprise. Can you protect this or expand this to generate new income?

Need to grow and develop your enterprise.

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