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Have a new product idea? Great, let's talk and avoid the many pitfalls and risks ahead.

Great new product idea but what next?

That light bulb moment, the bolt from the blue, the excitement that you've got the next big thing. Be careful, be clever and get some professional, confidential advice and find out what you need to do next, why and understand the journey ahead and the many pitfalls.

A eureka moment can happen at anytime to anyone one of us, I know the feeling, been there and got the T Shirt several times. You may have stumbled across a great new product idea by chance, by careful planning or by finding a solution in your own business or at work that’s not currently been used. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time however do you know what to do next? Get some Innovation Know Howe and find out what to do next, why and the journey ahead.

Let’s work together, help is at hand. Using a simple 6 step process you’ll be provided with advice, support and coaching in developing your idea. We’ll cover areas such as market research; protecting your idea; raising finance; project / business planning; product design and manufacturing and commercialisation. It’s a long and difficult journey and the risks are high so make sure you know what journey lies ahead and avoid the pitfalls.

Design and Manufacture

You'll need to consider the design of your product. Will you need a prototype? Do you have a manufacturer and understand tooling and quality standards? Does your product require testing? The list can grow however be careful of escalating costs and over design. Remember to keep it simple - it will always take longer than you think!


Developing a clear route to market is essential for commercialising any new product. You will need to consider marketing your product and the importance of branding and design if launching it yourself. You might consider licensing or even Open Innovation. Lots of options to explore. Remember you usually get one shot.

Herbie & Lils

Case Study: Herbie & Lils

Herbie & Lils have now launched their own range of lampstands and shades Рlook carefully at the picture they can make the lampstand into any profile you like РChurchill, Lennon, Elvis or your son or daughter Рpretty cool eh!

David Milligan had developed the idea with his business partner Will but required a little help with developing it further. Through the Ideas To Market Project @ North Tyneside Business Factory, I provided advice and support to help David launch the product including:

  • Investigating and understanding Intellectual Property
  • Market research
  • Routes to market – product launch
  • Marketing including Digital Marketing

Get some Innovation Know Howe

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