By: leon@enterpriseknowhowe On: January 03, 2017 In: Business, Innovation, Market Research Comments: 0

You’ve had that lightening bolt moment, EUREKA, that’s it my idea will make me a fortune. It’s easy to get carried away with a new product idea but we can all learn lessons from the “Big Companies” and innovators of the past who spent an awful lot of time...

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By: leon@enterpriseknowhowe On: July 05, 2016 In: Innovation, Intellectual Property Comments: 0

It’s British IP day today. I’ve been posted a question from no other than Darth Vadar, who’s asked if he can protect the Death Star with a Patent? As we all know the Death Star was developed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but we’ve...

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By: leon@enterpriseknowhowe On: June 15, 2016 In: Business, Innovation, Social Enterprise Comments: 1

This is now my fourth website in over 4 years. As with your business it changes, grows and develops but hopefully it helps you to know about me. I’ve finally decided to use WordPress after using other software in the past however I would be grateful of any comments...

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