How to build your brand using a great headshot

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The twenty-first episode shows us how to promote your brand identity using an amazing headshot with our special guest Laura Pearman.

Laura is an incredicle, international headshot photographer and provides an insight into creating an image or photograph that represents you as a person and as a brand for your business. Laura comes over very friendly and helps us to understand of the importance of getting images of ourselves to represent who we are in our business.

Laura reveals the issues we face in getting imagery done for ourselves, how and why we might be apprehensive and why it is so important to get a professional to provide your imagery for things like social media profiles, website and printed literature. She also reveals when your mobile phone or selfies will suffice.

Thanks again to Laura, she’s a really bubbly person and I’m sure that’s why she’s an international photographer – she makes people smile.

Enjoy the show.

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