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Why you should use PR in Digital Marketing

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The eighteenth episode shows us how and why to use PR within your Digital Marketing campaign with our special guest Keith Newman from Highlights PR.

Keith, from his amazing office, provides an insight into using PR as way to improve your Digital Marketing. Sometimes we forget that offline marketing can work wonders and PR has a strong role to play. Keith shares his experiences in PR and communications to helps us, as small business owners, to develop an approach to build our brand and identity using PR as a powerful tool to get exposure.

Keith reveals his views and perceptions on the importance of PR and how it can influence your Digital Marketing and increase brand recognition. Keith provides some great anecdotes from clients he has worked with but reveals that PR still has a major part to play. He also provides us with some tips as to where to start, developing a story that’s different by looking at things with a different point of view or angle and the way imagery can play a major part in becoming news worthy.

I apologise for the sound quality at times, however, it’s fun doing an interview if their office is a boat. How cool is that!

Thanks again to Keith for sharing his views and tips on PR.

Enjoy the show.

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