How to discover your brand identity

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The sixteenth episode shows us how to discover your brand identity with our special guest Helen Barlow.

Helen provides an insight into creating a brand for your business and helps us, as small business owners, to develop an approach to develop a brand and identity that customers will understand and engage with.

Helen reveals why it is so important to understand your customers’ views and perceptions which will influence on how your brand should feel and look like. Following this key step, we then look at what a brand is, steps to discover your identity, how to avoid some common pitfalls and explains why you may need to use a professional.

Helen also reveals some tips on developing a brand on a budget and how to develop some brand guidelines as well as providing some free tools to use.

Thanks again to Helen for sharing her views and tips to help us all gain an insight into the importance of building a brand.

Enjoy the show.

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