How to build your content creation and curation toolkit

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The fifteenth episode allows us to share our favourite tools to develop great content for your business.

On this special show, Pascal and I decided to put together content creation and curation toolkit to help you create great content for your blog and social media channels.

We are often asked at training sessions as to what tools to use so we’ve compiled some of our favourites which we hope you’ll find useful.

We’ve also, hopefully, provided them in an order that will help you to streamline your process in creating great content for your business.

So here goes:

1. To find news for your audience then we recommend two sites: www.newsnow.co.uk and www.contentgems.com
2. To embed some of your great content on Twitter or Facebook posts use the embed tool, it’s simple but effective. We also recommend utilising all of your useful presentations and publish them on www.slideshare.net
3. Knowing what type of content to produce can be difficult, so research questions that your customers may ask by using www.keywordtool.io and www.answerthepublic.com
4. You’ll also need some imagery to bring your content to life so if you are on a budget use some copyright free photos for your social content. We recommend www.pixabay.com and www.unsplash.com as a starter.
5. You’ll no doubt need to edit photos or images to really make them stand out. Or if you are creating visuals for your blogs and social media posts then we recommend using www.canva.com and www.pablo.buffer.com – I just love Canva!!
6. Want to be different? How about creating an animation or a really engaging slideshow. Here are two great packages but they make take time to get the hang of. Try www.biteable.com and powtoon.com
7. Video is king and really is something you should be thinking of to produce great content. Here are two tools to produce online videos: quik by go pro for compilations and www.zoom.us for video interviews (we make Content Marketing Studio with this!)
8. Podcasting can be a little daunting andyou need some good equipment, however, you could try recording phone calls and conduct interviews or discussions by using anchor.fm or ecamm call recorder
9. And finally, if you want more tools then you can search similarweb.com and find similar tools. Cool eh!

Enjoy the show.

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