Social Media Roundup May 2017

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The twelfth episode provides us with a round-up of all things social media with our regular guest Natalie Eminae.

Natalie provides her usual, knowledgeable insight into what’s happening in social media and covers Facebook updates including a discussion on content that can be posted by followers and others that can be damaging an interesting debate, as well as Facebooks new job advertising tool, and a possible partnership with BuzzFeed and Vox to create their own video content. Natalie also informs us of potential changes to your Facebook page layout and how to change plugins and apps which is really useful.

We also discuss in depth, following a recent report, on the impact of social media on young people and how it has a significant impact on their mental health. An interesting discussion indeed!

Thanks to Natalie and enjoy the show.

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