What to look forward to from Google and how it might help your business.

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The eleventh episode reviews the Google Developers Conference.

Pascal Fintoni and I review these new developments and how it will have an impact on our own business.

This year Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced several developments we can look forward to particularly if you use Android and Google products.

Key Highlights as follows:

“Smart Reply” is being rolled out by Google to over 1 billion users of Gmail which has the capability of responding to emails for you – pretty cool eh! Smart reply scans the text from the incoming message and will provide 3 basic responses to choose from, tweak and send. Great news for sorting out the emails on a Monday morning. Is this Google’s first response to Facebook using AI?

“Google Lens” has been announced, a feature that allows your phone to recognise objects in the real world and take helpful actions. For example, point your phone at a restaurant and the Lens will find online info about the restaurant, such as menu’s, ratings etc.

“Autodraw” has been release providing an “AI experiment” tool that helps you learn to draw by automatically guessing what you sketched and serving up a better version. Sketching an idea, a logo or for developing content this may transform your sketches that look like something people will recognise.

“Google Assistant” – new features announced as Google take on Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft) in the battle of personal assistant services. Some of the new features include: it can now be used on iPhone; you can now type a request or query instead of talking to it, and more languages have been included. With Google introducing software developments for app developers, Google Assistant will also challenge Amazon Alexa in home/office voice activated assistant. “A cup of coffee, please?” “Make your own” – Answer from them all, I’ve tried it!

“Google Lens” and “Google Assistant” will also work together, so point the lens to the cinema and it will find times of the film you want to see and put it in your diary/calendar.

“Google Assistant” will also allow you to complete transactions for goods and services if the vendor is set up to do so. For example, ordering a pizza, will search vendors, provide menus, choose your pizza and order and a receipt will be provided. Sounds cool, but I still prefer looking at 6 menus at a time and spending ages to decide, that’s part of the fun.

“Google Photos” has new features such as “Suggested Share” and “Shared Libraries” allowing you to send photos and put them in albums using members within the photos, for example, a family album. “Photo Books” will allow you to build an album and have it printed. Great idea, as so many of our photos, remains on our PC.

“YouTube 360 Video App” could be used on phones and DayDream VR Headset but now for TV, allowing 360, pan around, video. So, if you are watching a concert you can pan around. “Super Chat” will also feature on YouTube, allowing commenting on live videos, so you can ask questions or ask them to give you a shout out. Very engaging.

“Android Updates” includes some new features such as “picture-in-picture video” allowing you to watch a video while still dealing with emails, for example. Not sure us men will be able to cope with such multi-tasking functions!

“Google’s Daydream VR platform” now supports standalone headsets, no longer requiring power from a smartphone.

“Expeditions” is an app using a phone with AR mode, pictures can be overlaid on top of the images.

“Google Home” the smart speaker that challenges Amazon Echo, has “Proactive Assistance” which will update you on traffic delays etc in your home. It will also introduce “Hands-Free Calling” which will recognise your voice and call a friend or family member. I think this will only be available in the US and Canada initially. Google Home will also have added features for streaming music and “Visual Responses” for you to interact with the TV, so no more messing with the remote, you can plan your TV viewing using this service.

“Google for Jobs” an app that searches opportunities for you using AI. Clever.

“SEO” Pascal shres some intersting tips and ways to improve your SEO using some of th resource Google has published recently.

Here’s the review and enjoy.

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