The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The tenth episode reveals content marketing in the world of radio and how it translates to all marketers.

Pascal Fintoni and I asked along John Atkinson.

John is an award-winning business adviser with over 20 years’ experience, in particular with rural businesses. John also has 8 years experience in producing and presenting a business programme on Radio Teesdale. Has also been interviewed on BBC Radio Tees, Newcastle and other community radio stations in the area.

John provides a useful insight into the world of radio and how to develop a regular stream of news and information from which to develop blogs, tweets and other online content to engage with prospective clients.

Thanks to John for a really great session, hopefully, we may call him back again.

We’ll be bringing more videos soon with various topics so please keep viewing for more updates.


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