How do I create content for a boring or very serious industry?

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The ninth episode tackles content marketing for what you might think are serious or boring industries such as IT, manufacturing, finance etc.

Often clients say “No one wants to know about my business” or “In my industry, we don’t share information that might help our competition or give customers the answers to what we do.”

Pascal Fintoni and I asked along Richard Tubb, a former IT business owner, and now a blogger, speaker, consultant and author of “The IT Business Owners Survival Guide.”

Richard helps us explore ‘content marketing’ for industries that might be difficult to create content for. Sharing his own insight into the IT industry as to how he developed a voice at blogging, podcasting and vlogging and how he made an impact on customers, competition bu building up content over many years, helping him become a recognised expert in his field.

Richard also shares some tips and processes and how and where to start with some useful tools we can all use in helping us to develop content.

Thanks to Richard for a really great session, hopefully, we may call him back again.

We’ll be bringing more videos soon with various topics so please keep viewing for more updates.


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