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Facebook Conference Review 2017

The Content Marketing Studio brings you a weekly look at how to improve your content and find your voice. The eighth episode reviews the F8: Facebook Developers Conference.

Pascal Fintoni and I asked along Natalie Eminae, a regular guest, who provides a great insight into how some of these new developments will have an impact on our own business.

Natalie covers a range of exciting new developments as follows;

1. Facebook Messenger – Facebook’s Messenger service offers chat bots, using a new Discover tab that you can access from the home screen. Search for bots by categories, such as recently used and trending. Facebook is also adding chat extensions into Messenger, allowing more than one person to interact with third-party apps simultaneously in a single thread. A new function for the M AI-powered Assistant, which allows related news, to be linked to potential buying options.

2. Augmented Reality – a new AR camera that will change how users interact with friends with AR-powered effects, including Snapchat-like masks and frames, enabling you to share posts as customised as you want it to be. You could provide a background from the Empire State Building or add effects such as changing how you look with a range of effects.

3. Facebook Spaces Рusing Oculus VR, this app that enables you to spend time with friends in VR. It is now available as a beta. With it, you can create a digital avatar and interact with friends in VR. Facebook said it generates an avatar based on your photos, but you can still customise it. The social network also demoed how you can draw with virtual markers, watch 360-degree videos, and call friends through Messenger Рall while in the Facebook Spaces app.

4. Facebook Workplace – a team collaboration software, offering part social network, part messenger, and part productivity tool for teams. Your Workplace account is only visible to people in your team/company and is separate from your personal account.

5. Offline Instagram – Instagram, announced offline support for Android devices. View any post that you have previously loaded when not connected to Wi-Fi or have data connection, like and comment on them.

6. Surround 360 VR cameras – coming to market later this year.

Watch the video as Natalie shares these new, exciting opportunities for the year ahead.

Thanks to Natalie, we’ll no doubt see you soon.

We’ll be bringing more videos soon with various topics so please keep viewing for more updates.


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