Confused with Social Media?

Here’s a great article from Social Media Examiner providing 8 tips to help simplify your your social media marketing strategy

You’ll have heard the experts saying you must be on social media or your business will be missing out right? Technically this can be true but if you don’t have a plan then you could be wasting valuable time with little return.

Here’s an article that might help. Hope you enjoy it.

“The more time we spend interconnected via a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world.”
  • #1: Focus on the Platform With the Highest ROI – Increase your efforts and expenditure on that single platform.

  • #2: Use Social Media Management Tools – Find out about  tools like Buffer,Socialoomph, and Hootsuite.

  • #3: Reuse Old Posts – Organise your content, set up your queue, and let your social media repurposing go.

  • #4: Create a System for Curating and Scheduling Content – Collect a group of stories that will appeal to your target audience and review the stories you’ve collected and remove content that doesn’t apply.

  • #5: Share to All of Your Social Accounts at Once – Tools like Buffer can help.

  • #6: Engage Selectively – Engage with topics that relate to you and your target audience, don’t waste time with subjects or discussions that don’t add value.

  • #7: Batch Social Media Tasks – Develop a content and social media plan it will help to save time and stay focussed, here’s some ideas on scheduling your busy week:

    • Following people on Twitter
    • Saving articles to post
    • Writing down post ideas
    • Creating social media images
  • #8: Outsource Work – Can you get others to write articles for you or curate articles. Saves you time and gives them exposure –

  • Hope this proves helpful. And thanks to Social Media Examiner:

8 Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

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